Who Are We

How do we identify the American identity, the American character, and the American citizenship. How do we address hearts and minds to make Americans more aware of whom they are as citizens of the United States? How do we produce better patriots and better citizens both men and women  who knowingly and thoughtfully are attached to our country, devoted to its ideals, and eagerly live an active civic life. The patriotism we seek is deep. This addresses liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans and independents, employers and employees, rich and poor, young and old, and Americans of every race, religion, and ethnicity, for all Americans have a stake in the well-being of our nation.

How do we identify ourselves, as individuals and as a people? Who or what do we look up to and revere? To what larger community and or ideals are we attached and devoted? For what are we willing to fight and or sacrifice? How can America produce citizens who are knowledgeably attached to their country and their communities, and who possess the character, the attitudes, sensibilities, and virtues, necessary for civic engagement? How do we as parents, teachers, and community leaders form good citizens?

How we can identify ourselves starts with educating ourselves and our young on America’s exceptionalism. We need to learn about the founders and the founding documents that made America great. How can we identify with America and its founding principles if we have no knowledge of our rights and freedoms supplied to us through our United States Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and The Bill of Rights! How do we defend ourselves from the power hungry elitists that run our government if we have no knowledge of the freedoms supplied to us are? What we all need to do is examine ourselves and decide who we are and where we want to be. Will we surrender to the tyranny of our present administration  or will we fight for our freedoms as our founding fathers had done!


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